Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not all Parental Controls are Equal

Recently my son figured out a way to get around the Norton Parental Controls by using a proxy. Not only did this violate our agreement about computer use, but he used a "free" proxy that allowed him to go to sites that Norton Parental Controls would not allow him to go, but it also uploaded some malware that was trying to mine personal information. Because I have other programs on the computer he uses, the attempted malware was stopped before it could do any harm as well as locked the computer until I could enter my administrative password.

I mentioned this because I want to remind everyone not to depend on just one protection for your computer or your home network. It is also a reminder that we need to keep an eye on our kids when they are on the computer. In the ten minutes that I was not in the room where the computer is located, he was able to attempt the work around which he learned about from another child a few days earlier.

For more information about using proxies, begin by clicking here.

For more information about internet safety produces, begin by clicking here.

Spend some time learning by doing your own research, and remember to examine different review sites.

BTW - His attempt to get around the Parental Controls earned him a grounding until school starts at the end of August.

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Aaron Miller said...

All kids are rascals. :)